Balance Payment for Actaxist Programme

Balance Payment for Actaxist Programme

RM2,099.00 (Incl. Service Tax)

The balance payment for Actaxist Programme




There is often a misconception that bookkeepers and accountants are the same. While they both work to assist with the company’s finance, but there are some important distinctions between the tasks of a bookkeeper and an accountant.

In general terms, bookkeepers are “keeping the books” for a company. Whereas the accountant is someone set up the bookkeeping system, monitoring it, interpret it, and give you the financial and tax advice. The evolution of technology has changed the accounting practices and some say that technology and AI will slowly replace the bookkeeper job. If you are the bookkeepers, it is essential for you to learn up the skill of accountants. This course will show you what is the roles & responsibility of an accountant in the SME business.

This course will teach you the skill of an accountant as setting up the bookkeeping system, filing system and accounting data system. This course will also show you how to interpret a company accounting data to provide financial advice and perform tax saving planning.